Caesar IV

Caesar IV 5.30

Plays a governor during the Roman Empire times
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Acts as the leader of a province with the goal of evolving on the political ladder, and become the next Caesar. Builds cities and controls their economy, chooses from over 100 unique structures to add to the city, expands economic control over the region with the final goal of controlling the city of Rome.

Caesar IV is a city-building game set in ancient Rome, developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment. The game was released on September 26, 2006 in North America.
Experience what it was like to live in this tumultuous time in history as you take on the role of an aspiring provincial governor in your custom-made ancient Roman city. As governor, you must lay out each city, ensure your citizens' health and well-being, and protect the homeland from barbarian threats.

The game is divided in 3 parts, named after the three traditional eras of Ancient Rome: Kingdom, Republic and Empire.

The Kingdom part is only a tutorial. In the Republic and Empire parts one can choose between peaceful and military assignments.

Use 100 unique buildings, diagonal roads and a set of decorative items to transform your small village into a expansive cosmopolitan city. Big cities have their fair share of problems. It's your duty to resolve issues, including blazing fires, rampant raids and riots, deadly plagues and famines, before they spiral out of control. Maintain a balanced empire, climb up the political ranks, and you'll secure a place for yourself in the pages of history as the new Caesar.

You can defend against peoples threatening to attack you; however, if you are rich and don't have any troops, you can pay off a ransom. If the player doesn't pay the bills Caesar will attack you with strong legions but if the player's favor goes up again, they will stop.

Main features:

- Custom-create your own historic Roman city with 100 lofty buildings, an intricate network of roads, and authentic Roman decorations
- Select from more than 75 unique characters in the city, and get their feedback on the workings of your empire
- Consult elder advisors and extensive map overlays for guidance related to the city's problems
- Encourage open trading with neighboring and distant lands to acquire exotic materials in exchange for local goods
- All-new realistic citizen behaviors and remarkable 3D interactive environments convincingly recreate a vital time in world history

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